Do you want to sell your power sports machine?

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General Questions (Answers based OAC)

What is consignment?

Consignment is a way of letting a store like ourselves to sell your goods for you.  In exchange we take a small percentage of the sale.  This allows you the freedom of going about your normal daily life with out the pressure and hassle of trying to meet up with people, letting random people come to your home, answering a million questions, and wasting your personal time in general.  Plus with us having a store we have longer hours, financing options, alternative purchasing methods and experience to get you the best selling price for your powersports vehicle.

What can I consign?

Currently we are accepting almost any powersports vehicle.  Whether it is running or not we can sell it for you.  However if it is not running or has issues we will be honest with the potential customer so we will have to let them know.  However there are tons of people out there looking for project machines so we can still help.

What is the process to do consignment?

Best route is to contact us first to make sure we know you are coming and we can make space.  When you get here we will have you read through our service agreement and sign to authorize us to sell your machine.  After this we will take pictures, complete a write up for the advertising, and post to our website, kijiji, facebook, and instagram.  Depending on the size of the unit and condition it may also go on display in our main showroom.  Plus we can do any minor services you request to have completed (not included in the consignment fees).

What makes Rapid Revolutions the best choice for selling my machine?

Rapid Revolutions has some of the most experienced staff in the industry.  We are not just sales people.  As funny as that may sound it is a good thing when it comes to used machines.  You don’t want someone who only knows how to sell in general.  You want someone who has worked on machines before and knows the parts.  This way if someone is asking technical questions, or wants to upgrade it, or purchase parts for that project we will have the answers.  This is saves time and headaches for both the seller and the purchaser.

Can you pickup my machine(s)?

Pickup can be arranged.  If the machine is located within Edmonton city limits the average pickup fee is $100.  Outside the city can also be arranged but may cost more depending on size and location.  If we are picking up multiple machines pickup fees can be negotiable..

What are the consignment fees?

We are doing an introductory offer of 10% plus a $200 processing fee.  The standard consignment fee is 15% of the selling price and a $200 processing fee to cover the lien check, history report, pictures, advertisement costs, and paperwork processing.  The consignment fee also covers our time for selling the machine and finalizing the sale on behalf of the seller.  There may be a fair storage fee per month if we are selling a machine in its off season.  It should not take more then a couple weeks on average to sell your machine, unless you have a significantly rare machine or a higher asking price than normal.  After 2 weeks if your machine has not sold we will offer suggestions to help sell it sooner.

Are the consignment fees negotiable?

Currently we are doing an introductory offer of only 10% instead of the standard 15%.  We are flexible on the fees when there are special circumstances.  For instance if you are consigning multiple machines or would like to trade in a project/parts towards the fees.  We are always open minded to allow our customers as much flexibility as possible..

Is there a minimum amount a buyer can finance?

$500 is the minimum amount that can be financed before applicable taxes. OAC

For more information on financing CLICK HERE


Can a buyer also finance extra parts and accessories?

Yes a buyer can finance in all the parts and accessories they want up to a maximum of $10,000 on top of the machine’s price.  OAC
For more questions on financing CLICK HERE 

What are the alternative purchasing options a buyer has?

As a well established business we have many ways that customers can pay for their purchase.  For instance, Paypal, E-mail Money Transfer, Cash, Credit Cards, money orders, bank drafts, third party financing, our in house financing, and even business leasing.  We can even do partial payments of just about any combination of the above plus even a trade in of another vehicle or parts.  If we take a trade in or parts value the seller still gets the equivalent balance they normally would have in Canadian dollars.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discoverer, MasterCard, VISA, Dinners Club, and JCB.

How long can I leave the machine up for sale?

If your machine is having difficulty selling after 2 weeks we will offer suggestions and possibly alternative paid advertising options.  There are many variables that can effect the length of time it takes to sell a machine.  There may be a storage fee per month after the first 30 days.

How long should it take to sell my machine?

There are many variables that can effect selling time frame.  For instance, the time of year, rarity of the machine, asking price, modifications or lack of modifications, mileage, etc.  We try our best to have machines sold within a couple weeks on average.  After 2 weeks if your machine has not sold we will offer suggestions to help sell it sooner.  Some of these suggestions may be to lower the asking price or add alternative paid advertising options.

What are some of the alternative payment methods available for potential buyers?

We are always open to ideas on forms of payments.  Some of the unique forms of payment we have available are Stripe, Paypal, E-mail Money Transfer, trade in of parts or other machines/projects, and financing.